Whether you’re dealing with challenging coworkers or situations, our coach-led, material reinforcement group sessions are great places to grow, learn, and get help as needed.

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Coaching & Reinforcement

Whether you’re dealing with challenging coworkers or situations, our coach-led, material reinforcement group sessions are great places to grow, learn, and get help as needed.

Peaceful Leadership

A Peaceful Leadership style centers around the 3 Psychological Pillars – Safety, Inclusion, and Trust – as well as the 5 Core Competencies:

  • Patience
  • Engagement
  • Appreciation
  • Curiosity
  • Empowerment
Specialization & Focus

As a conflict resolution consultant andde-escalation training specialist, Jeremy focuses on core human needs, where many conflict specialists believe conflicts truly lie. He help individuals get clear on which needs they perceive as being threatened, how we might get those needs satisfied, and how to more effectively communicate with other parties involved in order to get everyone’s needs met as sufficiently as possible.

With our AI Coach, leaders will learn how to:
  • lead difficult conversations
  • give constructive feedback on behavior
  • effectively coach employees
  • adopt best practices for creating peaceful, productive work cultures
  • workshop your own challenges
  • engage in inclusive decision-making
  • keep employees engaged
  • and much more…


Peaceful Leadership Skills through AI Coaching

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Jeremy Pollack is a social psychologist and conflict resolution consultant focusing on the psychology, social dynamics, and peacebuilding methodologies of interpersonal and intergroup conflicts.

The Mission: Unity & Respect

Different perspectives can and should be cherished. With the right mediator or team of neutral facilitators, conflicts can be constructive, differences can be a source of strength, and relationships can be transformed. His aim is to help individuals and groups not only value and express their own unique truths, but also respect other parties’ distinct qualities and values. Through this respect comes greater communication, collaboration, and unification.

High Quality Coaching

AI-driven program is designed to help individuals unlock their full potential. Crafted by industry-leading experts, each module is meticulously designed to facilitate personal growth,

24/7 Availability

Unlike traditional coaches, my AI coach is accessible anytime, anywhere. No matter when you need guidance or support, the AI coach is just a click away.

Constant Learning

The AI coach constantly evolves and learns from your interactions, becoming smarter and more effective over time, providing insights that are increasingly accurate.

Objective Feedback

With AI, there's no risk of bias or subjectivity. It provides feedback based on data analysis, ensuring an objective approach to your growth and development.

Personalized Coaching

My AI coach offers a unique, tailored experience. It understands your needs, goals, and preferences, then provides a personalized roadmap to meet these expectations.

Affordable for Everyone

My AI coach provides high-quality coaching at a fraction of the cost of a traditional coach. Here, the primacy is on the quality of content, not the expensive human hours.

Data Security

We adhere to strong data privacy and protection standards. Your interactions are confidential and used only for the purpose of enhancing your coaching experience.

Innovative Mentoring

My AI coach maximizes your learning efficiency. It can adapt to your pace, use reinforcement learning to improve retention, and present new ways to engage with the material.