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Positive Psychology

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Positive psychology is the study of optimal human functioning. It focuses on identifying, exploring and amplifying a strong sense of passion, purpose and performance in individuals, teams and organisations. It takes a strengths- based approach which inspires the ultimate self- mastery through a journey which explores psychological flexibility, emotional agility and resilience. It’s an engaging, enlightening and empowering branch of psychology, backed by research and packed with practical exercises to bring the science to life.

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Modules and lessons for success.

  • WHO am I at my best?
    Live in Integrity and outline who you are at your best moments. These exercises will help you discover your values and identity, thus enabling you to live in alignment with them. Live in integrity, respecting your personality and values will lead you to a fulfilled life.
  • WHERE am I going?
    Define the Vision is where you are going aligned with your vocation and vision? Enlightening your path and tuning yourself into it will boost and foster your blossoming.
  • HOW am I going to get there?
    Develop the Path if all emotions are valid- by recognising, embracing and expressing how you feel, you will always be free. If at any time you feel 'stuck', you can always ask for help. Everyone needs it at times.
  • WHAT are quick wins?
    Embrace the Journey with your journey might not be a straight line, there will be twists and turns along the way. Yet if you can begin to embrace the unknown, and the magic, mystery and mayhem of life, you will be pleasantly surprised at what you can make happen.
Lisa Avery

Lisa Avery

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Lisa is a positive psychologist, trainer, speaker and coach, who uses positive psychology - the science of optimal human functioning - in an array of settings. Her past projects have involved the design and/ or delivery of interventions to clients in Education, Government, the NHS, charities, and the corporate world. Lisa holds a master's degree in Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology and excels on captivating her audience through candid self-expression, exuberant passion, and buoyant energy.

Her ultimate mission is to enlighten, enliven and empower humans to exponential levels of happiness, meaning and success. Lisa is doing this by breaking down the research, catalysing conversations and helping individuals come up with creative ways to positive change.

Her role at Rocky is to bring positive psychology - the science of optimal human functioning - to life, through the creation of thought-provoking questions which power the chatbot, the sharing of key research from positive psychology and coaching psychology, and the captivation of an exciting journey to empowerment.

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