White Label AI Coaching Platform

HR professionals, trainers, and coaching companies, are you looking for innovative ways to engage learners and boost training effectiveness? Traditional learning management systems (LMS) can feel static and impersonal. Today’s workforce demands personalized, interactive learning experiences that cater to individual needs and preferences.

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Conversational AI Chat

The daily AI coaching chat is meticulously designed to consistently challenge you with thought-provoking coaching questions, provide insightful answers from a virtual mentor for a wide range of situations, and enforce accountability by helping you articulate your key priorities and actively follow up on your goal progress

The AI chat further distinguishes itself by delivering a personalized coaching plan for each user, interjecting curated mentoring content and training programs based on individual needs and progression, offering an unprecedented level of customizability in the realm of AI-centered personal development and training.

Effortless App Creation

No coding required! Build your own white-labeled coaching app with a user-friendly interface. Rocky.ai provides the AI foundation, allowing you to focus on crafting exceptional content.

Engaging Microlearning: Break down complex topics into bite-sized, interactive modules that are easily digestible and readily available on-demand. Promote knowledge retention and improve completion rates.

Daily AI chat for accountability and goal tracking
Daily AI chat for leadership upskilling self development growth topics rocky ai

Personal Development Plans

Tailor coaching experiences to individual needs and goals. Mydaily AI coach engine personalizes interactions, identifies strengths and weaknesses, and suggests relevant content for continuous improvement.

Data-Driven Insights: Gain valuable insights into user progress and engagement. Rocky.ai’s analytics dashboard allows you to track progress, identify areas for improvement, and tailor your coaching programs for maximum impact.

Scalability and Cost-Effective

This innovative approach to learning goes beyond traditional online courses and programs. Its unique interactive structure leverages AI chat to guide users through the content, rather than sequentially following a fixed structure.

This dynamic engagement with educational material like articles, videos, information, transforms learning into an engaging conversation with the AI. The intelligent system delivers the right content at the right time, ensuring user's learning experience is timely and relevant

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My Daily AI Coach, by Rocky.ai, is a highly innovative digital coaching platform, boasting as the world's first conversational AI mentor and coach. Its unique approach involves using artificial intelligence for personalized coaching experiences, making it a lead player in the realm of digital coaching twins.

Coaching Apps

With this AI coach in the pocket, individuals get access to on-demand, AI-powered digital coaching sessions, define daily goals, access answers, practice with reflection, and engage in self-awareness techniques. It focuses on enhancing personal development, leadership skills, productivity, and whole-life balance. Utilizing machine learning algorithms, the apps powered by Rocky.ai adapt to the users' needs, providing a seamlessly tailored coaching experience that truly sets it apart.

Digital Twin Marketplace

With over fifty personalized variations of digital AI coaching available, you can filter and drill down to find your perfect fit.

24/7 Coaching Platform

Unlike traditional coaches, my AI coach is accessible anytime, anywhere. No matter when you need guidance or support, the AI coach is just a click away.

Personal Coaching App

The AI coach constantly evolves and learns from your interactions, becoming smarter and more effective over time, providing insights that are increasingly accurate.

Digital Coach and Mentor

With AI, there's no risk of bias or subjectivity. It provides feedback based on data analysis, ensuring an objective approach to your growth and development.

Personalized Coaching

My AI coach offers a unique, tailored experience. It understands your needs, goals, and preferences, then provides a personalized roadmap to meet these expectations.

Affordable for Everyone

My AI coach provides high-quality coaching at a fraction of the cost of a traditional coach. Here, the primacy is on the quality of content, not the expensive human hours.

Data Security

We adhere to strong data privacy and protection standards. Your interactions are confidential and used only for the purpose of enhancing your coaching experience.

Innovative Mentoring

My AI coach maximizes your learning efficiency. It can adapt to your pace, use reinforcement learning to improve retention, and present new ways to engage with the material.

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Rocky is helpful in directing your thoughts towards more constructive approaches. Can't wait to explore more, myself and my life with Rocky. Thank you developers and all involved people 🙌😉😊
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Nikolai M
Google Playstore
Purposefully guided app that helps you work toward your goals without the silly cartoonish fluff the other apps so often contain.
Android Playstore
Android Playstore
I find this app very helpful. I have been struggling to get myself out of the doldrums, mainly by not taking some action. I used this app and rocky asked what action I could take to make the end of the day better. I finally decided to get off the couch, and cut my hair and then I had a shower. I told rocky about it and his praise uplifted me. Very good app.
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Jason L
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